Wednesday, January 12, 2011

F o l k l o r e Sarangi.....

Gandharvas, commonly known as Gaines, are the wandering minstrels of Nepal. They move here and there playing a locally made wooden instrument called Sarangi. Their main objective is to entertain people with their self-composed music and songs narrating their own predicament and the forgotten folklore. You must have observed them on the streets of Thamel, the main tourist hub in Kathmandu, playing the instrument and at times you are influenced by the sonorous sound. When you find that you are being followed by them, you must have been irritated by their presence. But behind that simple face is a man desperately fighting for survival not only of his own against poverty but that of the Nepalese musical tradition against the influence of increasing western musical culture. Competing with the blaring Bob Marley on the stereo being played in the restaurants, these nomadic musicians of Nepal sing songs that belong to every heartbeat of the Nepalese. He is a Gandharva with his Sarangi.

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